Raid Boss is set in the world of Incarnate, where Tyr rules as its brutal Creator. An unknown force, outside of Tyr’s control, has opened a gate from the Void itself, corrupting this universe and peaking the interest of Tyr’s brothers and sisters.

You are a Hero, a warrior of great skill and influence. Some Heroes are warriors from the past who have mysteriously returned from the Void, corrupted by its power. Others have been forged by in the time after The Reset.

They have established themselves as points of power that are outside of Tyr’s control.

As their influence grows, Tyr’s control is diminished and so he wants to remove the Incarnates.

Heroes have banded together to survive.

In the beginning there was nothing. As the nothing grew and stretched, it was torn. Through the tear stepped Pri, the first creator. Pri began to expand himself into and around everything and tried to surround the emptiness with light and energy. The emptiness pushed back but was eventually overtaken and it’s expansion was slowed to a crawl. Realizing that a solitary existence would be meaningless Pri shattered himself into eight pieces. First came Ama, made up of all of Pri’s Goodness. Into the emptiness he abandoned his Evil. Second came Berdea who was made of all of Pri’s Reason. Into the emptiness he abandoned his Ignorance. Third there was Tyr which was made up of all of Pri’s Talent. Into the emptiness  his Weakness was abandoned. Fourth and Fifth came together in the twin sisters Akeri and Reika who were built on Pri’s Passion and Honesty. And so, the Void claimed his Fear and Deceit. Sixth was born Janar created out of all of Pri’s Generosity. Into the darkness his Greed was abandoned. Seventh came Tanin born of all of Pri’s Joy. The darkness grew, and feasted on Pri’s Sorrow. Finally the eighth creator Kura came to be from all of Pri’s Love. As all of the Hate was absorbed into the darkness so too the emptiness became aware and the darkness was forever more the Void.

An excerpt from “The Book of the Void” by the Archivists of Ama