Raid Boss


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Raid Boss is a 1-4 player board game battle puzzle designed like a strategy RPG. You can enjoy all of the cooperative teamwork, combos, and collaboration, without any of the endless grinding!

Includes all Kickstarter upgrades!
Estimated Ship date: August 2020

20 in stock

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Raid Boss is a RPG boardgame puzzle with flexibility, so it allows you to devise incredibly clever skill sequences. Because of this, those game-ending threats soon become trivial as you experiment and gain experience. Soon you’ll be taking on even more devious and puzzle-like advanced battles like a Boss.

There are 12 playable Heroes and 6 Bosses to challenge, each lavishly illustrated, giving you a wealth of content and variety of challenges.

Includes all Kickstarter upgrades!
Estimated Ship Date: January 2021 due to everyone’s favorite virus causing shipping delays.

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