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Raid Boss is a Cooperative 4 player tabletop game that pits you and your comrades against a Boss and their deck. Each player controls a Hero with a mechanically distinct and heavily themed set of abilities, and each Hero has a special Assist that can be used at ANY time — including other players’ turns!

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Raid Boss has flexibility that allows players to devise incredibly clever skill sequences. Game-ending threats soon become trivial as players experiment and gain experience, allowing them to tackle incredibly devious and puzzle-like advanced Bosses.

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There are currently 12 Heroes and 6 Bosses, each lavishly illustrated, providing players a wealth of content and variety of challenges. All this while game duration stays around an hour.

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Raid Boss has the feel of a difficult encounter in an MMO like World of Warcraft or Everquest, but without all of the grinding and with that personal touch that you only get when you are sitting together with a group of friends working together to accomplish a shared goal.

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Tabletop Boss Battle

Couch Coop Style
Online RPG Cooperative Battle Without the Grind

We want to recreate and share the player interactions and moments, where players feel clever, powerful, and connected with a sense of fellowship, but set it in a tabletop experience that plays in just an hour. Raid boss is truly coop, so each player can play their game, but the battles require strategy and each turn inspires input from the whole group. This is designed into the sequencing and power building for the whole team, and tactile consideration has been included as well: game pieces are snack and drink resistant, and the stat tracking is bump immune. After a basic primer, players have all the reference information they’ll need on the back of their cards, so play never needs to stop for rules clarifications. What’s more, Raid Boss provides epic challenges and a winning argument for getting together with your friends and sharing an experience. Combined with lavish artwork, puzzle-like battles, and infinite replayability, Raid Boss is perfect for gaming grognards and social casuals alike, travels easy, and will no doubt make for some great stories.

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